Môippen Mama !

Creative documentary  /  2016 / 62min



Filming in subjective camera, the author follows her japanese mother on a trip to Japan in 2013. From Kôbe to the areas affected by the March 2011 tsunami and the house of writer Natsume Sôseki, we discover a poetic mother, and the complex relationship between the two.

Gradually,  emerges a portrait of two « in between »

With the archive films shot In Japan by the grandfather between 1931 and 1940, the transgenerational question arises, with its connection to the disaster too.

This travel through the country is also an initiation trip through time, an intimate confrontation with the impermanence of things. the Mujô.

Country of production: France

Languages: Japanese, French

Subtitles: French, English, Japanese, Spanish

Format: HD, 16/9

Diffusion: DCP 2K, 5.1


Editing: Sarah Ternat

Sound editing: Juliette Heintz

Sound re-recording mixer: Xavier Thieulin

Colorgrading:  Fanny Mazoyer


Translation: Sarah Salvatori, Marie Pardé, Alice & Mary Kate Palmieri

                       Carlotta Fiorin & Maria Luisa Diaz Puebla

                       Hideko Ôkubo Friedmann


Rikuzentakata / 2013
Mont Koyasan / 2013
Mont Aso / 2013
Minamisanriku / 2013
Minamisanriku / 2013 & 2011
Kôbe / 1938